Should I do a children’s book?

So this is a bit of a departure for me and I want to get your opinion on it…

A children’s book. It started as a game I’d play with my young daughters. Whenever they do something that needs correcting, rather than just scold them, I ask if they would do the opposite in the reverse situation.

For example:

“Do you take a bath in the toilet?


Then don’t pee in the bath!”

“Do you watch TV on the jungle gym?


Then don’t climb around on the couch!”

“Do you eat your toys?


Then don’t play with your food!“

It usually gets a laugh and gets the message across without shaming them. Soon it dawned on me that this might make a good children’s book.

Here’s an example of the illustration style that I’ve used for past children’s books I’ve worked on so’s you can visualize:

The only thing I’m not sure about is whether or not the interest is there. Most people know me for fantasy and comics and this book is neither of those.

So I figured I’d ask you. Leave your answers below. Honest answers only, please.

Would you back Do You Take a Bath in the Toilet? on Kickstarter?

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