The Setting

The Canon of Vangel is set ten years in our future. A cataclysmic event know as The Revelation has made it known to the world that magic, monsters, and people of myth have been living amongst them in hiding for centuries. Most nations struggle to adapt to the new normal as paranoia and mistrust widen pre-existing societal and economic rifts. Progress marches ever onward, however. Magic and technology have become almost indistinguishable in a world that has become very advanced in some arenas while regressing in others. One independent nation state has rebranded itself as Bastion City. A melting pot where all peoples, mundane and magical, are welcome and integrated.

The Characters

Vangel Alessandra A Paladin who was recruited at a young age. Since the veil between the magical and mundane worlds has fallen, she has been roaming aimlessly, protecting the helpless, and trying to help people navigate the new normal wherever she can. As a Paladin, she is visited by nightly visions of future catastrophe’s she must prevent.

Daisy – A disembodied demon soul, Daisy is the literal devil on Vangel’s shoulder. Unable to affect the external world or be seen or heard by anyone but Vangel, Daisy must content themselves with tormenting their host. While they can be an invaluable well of information about the arcane world, they are also reluctant to be forthcoming.

Kai Mason – A talented young wizard with great potential, Kai is an unhoused young man living outside the walls of Bastion City who has fallen in with a gang of other homeless youths for survival.

The Creator

Nathan Lueth Is the artist, writer, and mastermind behind The Canon of Vangel. He came into existence with a pencil in his hand, a feat which continues to confound obstetricians to this day. No one knows for sure when he started drawing or where his love of comics came from, but most experts agree that his professional career began after graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as a caricaturist in the Mall of America.
Now a veteran freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic novelist, Nathan has worked with Target, General Mills, Inverse Press, Wannabe Press, Writers of the Round Table Press, and drawn countless thousands of caricatures at fairs across the midwest.

Nathan’s other comic project, a Victorian-flavored epic fantasy graphic novel series called Impure Blood, has raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter and he has written and illustrated short stories for all three Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell comic anthologies.

When life and limitations demand that he not draw for a bit, he enjoys reading, over-analyzing movies, martial arts, tabletop RPGs, and goofing off with his two amazing daughters.