CONCRETE ARCANUM Proof unboxing!

The print proof for Concrete Arcanum has arrived! That’s exciting in and of itself! But what’s even more exciting is that I just today launched a campaign for Concrete Arcanum on Indiegogo!

CLICK HERE to gogo to the Indiegogo!

Now I know most of my Patreon Pals have probably already secured themselves a copy of Concrete Arcanum, but this is the perfect opportunity for anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter. If you could do me one teeny tiny little favor and give it a mention on the social medias or, better yet, to any friends you might have who are big into The Dresden Files, Supernatural, or Carnival Row, that would really help this true awesome anthology collection reach an even bigger audience.

Here’s that link for your copy/pasting convenience:

Thanks in advance and thanks to everyone who has already made Concrete Arcanum a success! Y’all are the wind beneath my wings!

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