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Happy Mid-May y’all!

In honor of the launch of chapter 4 of The Canon of Vangel, it’s time to celebrate NPR style! Unlock exclusive content and become a vital part of The Canon of Vangel!

For one special week, I’m offering a treasure trove of rewards for new and existing patrons!

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All this on top of the perks of membership! Like…

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Thanks in advance! I’m looking forward to sharing some of these awesome perks with you!

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I have a favor to ask.

You seem like a cool cat, I want to get to know you better. You and all my readers, for that matter. It helps me make more cool stuff that’s more in line with what you like!

I’m a people pleaser that way.

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Paladins, Page 1

Hey gang!

I’m off on vacation to the UK for a couple weeks taking in some much needed rest after creating two comics and being a part of two Kickstarters so far this year.

But my holiday is my your gain!

The next 19 days, my Patreon Pals will be getting an exclusive, never before seen, first attempt at what would eventually become The Canon of Vangel!

Created way back in 2008, it was originally envisioned as Cops meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer, following around a team of modern day Paladins and the scenarios they have to deal with. Originally created as a submission to TokyoPop’s Rising Stars of Manga contest. It was rejected and I understand why. I had a lot to learn about lettering and my style wasn’t quite fully developed yet. Still, the seeds of Vangel are there, and I think I’ve ultimately cooked up a much better series now that it’s had a chance to marinate for another couple decades.

The Canon of Vangel, Issue 3 Kickstarter is LIVE

CLICK HERE to lock in your copy of the CANON of Vangel ⚔️ Issue 3! 

I’ve got an exclusive signed mini print of the cover art goin out to all my Patreon Pals who back the Kickstarter!

To say nothing of bonus bundles of e-comics, desktop/phone backgrounds, and more!

And don’t forget, $24 and up Patrons will be getting a complimentary hardcopy as part of their reward tier! Just up your pledge level, or CLICK HERE to back the campaign!

Canon of Vangel, Issue 3 on KICKSTARTER!

That’s right ladies, gentlemen, and folks non-conforming!

The Canon of Vangel, Issue 2 is launching on  Kickstarter, February 1st and, as a Patreon Pal, you’re hearing about it first!

CLICK HERE  and push the “Notify Me” button so you can be first in the door for Kickstarter exclusives, bonuses, and more!

My Patreon Pals also have an extra special option available too! Everyone who’s a member of the $24 an up tier before the end of the campaign will be getting a physical copy of Vangel 3 in the mail as part of their membership without having to back the Kickstarter! That’s on top of all the other benefits of membership, of course.

In Blackest Friday, In Brightest Saturday…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you’re coming down easy from that food coma.

Once the ol’ tryptophan haze clears and you’re up for a little holiday shopping, I thought you might like to know that I’m joining the fray on this blackest of all Fridays.

And also Small Business Saturday, of course. But that doesn’t sound as dramatic.

Not for nothing, I’m also doing just $1 shipping, too. Thought you might like that.

You know how this works.

CLICK HERE to go to my store.

Pick out something nice for the graphic novel enthusiast in your life (or in your mirror 😁).

Enter the coupon code BLACKESTFRIDAY23 at checkout for 33% off anything with paper pages.

Just remember, the coupon code expires at midnight on Saturday.

Have a great weekend and try not to get trampled in the great shopping stampede!

Till next time, be good!

But not too good 😉