My Favorite Podcasts of 2022

I hope your holidays were fun, that you’re easing comfortably into the new year, that you’ve finally recovered from your food induced coma.

Next week I want to fill you in on my plans for 2023, but first, I have one more list of my favorite things from 2022 that I wanted to share with you. And this week, we’re looking at Podcasts. Whether you’ve got a long commute or you have a job where you need to keep your mind busy, I got just the thing to put in your ear holes.

So, without further adieu…

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 2022

Podcast edition!

Note: These are not necessarily podcasts I discovered in 2022 (though some are), rather itโ€™s the stuff I listened to most.

In no particular order…

The Major Spoilers Podcast

I often joke about how I don’t have time to read comics because I’m too busy making them, so having a way to keeping up with industry news and listening to reviews from people who’s opinions I respect is a valuable asset for me. The panelists are witty and each brings an interesting and unique perspective to every episode. They also have a great network of interesting podcasts to listen to including…

Critical Hit

Pre-dating most other real-play RPG podcasts out there, I stumbled on to Critical Hit when I was between groups and looking for a fix of D&D shenanigans. What I found was a podcast that was actually kinda better than most gaming experiences I’ve had. The stories are intricate and well thought out, the group dynamic is great and, unlike most groups I’ve been a part of, they actually stay on task (mostly).

Hidden Brain

You may think that a podcast about psychology, neuroscience and sociology would be a rather dry topic or get stale quickly, but you would be very wrong. Hidden Brain tackles topics ranging from why wealthy people don’t think they’re wealthy to why we remember things the way we do. If you’re like me and you are fascinated by the complex mystery that is humans, I cannot recommend this show enough. I’ve learned as much about myself as I have others by listening to it.

Myths And Legends

I love mythology. I was always the kid in the back of the classroom with a big book of Greek or Norse myths. Spent most of my hours in church reading the old testament where all the crazy epic stuff happens. The Myths and Legends podcast is exactly what it sounds like, featuring retellings of lore from around the world and seasoned with snarky anachronistic asides that will keep modern audiences engaged. The host even makes a legit effort into arranging the different canons into a consistent continuity timeline, which… just… respect.

Levar Burton Reads

Again, this podcast is exactly what it says it is. Every week LeVar Burton reads a short story by some of the greatest authors out there. Neil Gaiman, N.K. Jemision, Stephen King, Ken Liu, just to name a few. If you’ve ever wished you could have Mr. Burton personally read you a bedtime story, this is as close as you will probably ever get. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Hope that gives you some ideas for your listening pleasure in 2023! I’ll be back next week to share with you my slate of projects that I plan on launching this year! I have some good stuff on the way, that I really think you’ll like, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Till then, be good!

But not too good ๐Ÿ˜‰

– Nathan

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