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Hey gang!

I’m off on vacation to the UK for a couple weeks taking in some much needed rest after creating two comics and being a part of two Kickstarters so far this year.

But my holiday is my your gain!

The next 19 days, my Patreon Pals will be getting an exclusive, never before seen, first attempt at what would eventually become The Canon of Vangel!

Created way back in 2008, it was originally envisioned as Cops meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer, following around a team of modern day Paladins and the scenarios they have to deal with. Originally created as a submission to TokyoPop’s Rising Stars of Manga contest. It was rejected and I understand why. I had a lot to learn about lettering and my style wasn’t quite fully developed yet. Still, the seeds of Vangel are there, and I think I’ve ultimately cooked up a much better series now that it’s had a chance to marinate for another couple decades.

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