In Blackest Friday, In Brightest Saturday…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you’re coming down easy from that food coma.

Once the ol’ tryptophan haze clears and you’re up for a little holiday shopping, I thought you might like to know that I’m joining the fray on this blackest of all Fridays.

And also Small Business Saturday, of course. But that doesn’t sound as dramatic.

Not for nothing, I’m also doing just $1 shipping, too. Thought you might like that.

You know how this works.

CLICK HERE to go to my store.

Pick out something nice for the graphic novel enthusiast in your life (or in your mirror 😁).

Enter the coupon code BLACKESTFRIDAY23 at checkout for 33% off anything with paper pages.

Just remember, the coupon code expires at midnight on Saturday.

Have a great weekend and try not to get trampled in the great shopping stampede!

Till next time, be good!

But not too good 😉


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