Canon of Vangel, Issue 3 on KICKSTARTER!

That’s right ladies, gentlemen, and folks non-conforming!

The Canon of Vangel, Issue 2 is launching on  Kickstarter, February 1st and, as a Patreon Pal, you’re hearing about it first!

CLICK HERE  and push the “Notify Me” button so you can be first in the door for Kickstarter exclusives, bonuses, and more!

My Patreon Pals also have an extra special option available too! Everyone who’s a member of the $24 an up tier before the end of the campaign will be getting a physical copy of Vangel 3 in the mail as part of their membership without having to back the Kickstarter! That’s on top of all the other benefits of membership, of course.

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