3 DAYS LEFT to back Concrete Arcanum on Kickstarter!

3 Days left to get this 120 page tome of modern fantasy tales from 35 awesome creators! Folks who have worked for Fantasy Flight Games, Image Comics and more!

3 Days left to get these 10 bonus comics included in your reward!

Or, max out your digital comics buying power by picking up the Digital Lueth Crate, Creator Compendium, or Digital Extravaganza tiers!

3 days left to get this bitchin’ Elf Rocker Pin!

It’s all over on Friday at 12 Noon U.S. Central Time!

So CLICK HERE to back us on Kickstarter!

And whatever happens, I do hope you’ll join us at 11:30 for the final countdown party!

You can CLICK HERE to watch on my YouTube channel

Or CLICK HERE to watch on Facebook

We have a little less than $4000 to go and it’s going to be down to the wire! I’m going to see how many of them I can get to show up in costume. Will we be celebrating? Will we be crying? Either way, it’s going to be entertaining!

More soon!

Till next then, be spooky!

But not too spooky

– Nathan

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