Dead Cthulhu Rises!! πŸŽ©πŸ¦‘



The dapper deity has arisen from his house in R’lyeh and crushed all nonbelievers in the very first weekend!

Everyone who has backed thus far will be getting the Thooper Thpooky Comics bonus bundle with their reward!

But fear not! There are 15 days left to back and many other Kickstarter exclusive bonuses, such as the little octopus charm and the All You Need Is Lovecraft comics bundle!


And most exciting of all, we have our first stretch goal to unveil! If we can pass $2000, all messenger bags and pouches will be upgraded to include a tentacle zipper pull!


It’s the zipper pull that pulls you back!

Lastly, while I have you’re attention, I simply must shout out Jack Holder who is positively crushing it with the latest issue of Legends of the Realm.


Camriddeon is a young mage in a kingdom of chaos. Appointed to the court of Dannisfire, a land of floating cities, harsh magics, and enemies without and within.

Armed with his magic and his wits, Camriddeon will journey across his adopted home. Hoping to save those he can, learn what he must. And build a new miracle for a king that desperately needs it.

Dive into the Legends of the Realm. Is Camriddeon a hero? A villain? A monster?

It depends on who is telling the tale. CLICK HERE to join the adventure in the 28-page full color fantasy!

And don’t forget to embrace the elegance of eldritch with Steampunk Cthulhu!

More soon!

Till then, be spooky!

But not too spooky πŸŽƒπŸ’€πŸ‘»

– Nathan

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